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Relocation intelligence from Barbour ABI

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Data available

Here’s just some of the type of information available for office refurbishment projects, which our customers win valuable business from.

Company address Telephone Website Contact name Business type Business description Company number SIC code Site address Project details Number of staff Move date Published date Specific issues Notes Opportunities and more…

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Ability to target new business

Details on companies refurbishing or expanding their office, with key contact information included.


Key project information

Project information including start dates and size of floor area being refurbished or required.

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Save time

We supply you with potential sales opportunities saving you time and resources.


Refine our data

Tailor our lead information to suit your business needs.

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Morag Brown, HCS Business

“The information on the leads is second to none. I would also like to add that the customer service is first class.”


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Relocation intelligence from Barbour ABI

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